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Sequenced is an exploration of generative motion compositions.

Line segments are all connected in a loop and move within the constraints of a simple 2-dimensional grid structure. Each segment is assigned a sequence of motion data to follow. Some data is reused, while others are generated in real-time. Together, they act like a musical score but for the visuals. It falls between predictive sequences of rhythmical motion and endless random permutations.


Motion-based work, unlike still images, creates a temporal rhythm in-between images. This is something that cannot be described on paper or with numbers in code. It can only be experienced when it is played over time or the code is executed (click on the image to see the motion in action).

  • Sequenced runs in real-time inside browsers. It is created with my own open source tool Ssam.js with help from other libraries.

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Dae In Chung

Dae In Chung is an artist, designer and educator who mainly works with computer code as a creative medium. His main interests lie in exploring and expressing rhythms and movements using a variety of media, including animation, printed forms and interactive applications. He studied Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts. His design and animation work has been shown around the world including Centre Pompidou online screening, the New York Times, and many film and media festivals.

Ludic Aesthetics Online Exhibition

Ludic Aesthetics Online Exhibition presents 15 works that explore ludic aesthetics as an essential way of reflecting, challenging, and creating meaning in society and techno-culture. The relationships between the works offer a diverse and dynamic showcase of playfulness at its core in creative coding and computation.

We invite you to explore how artists, academics, researchers, and practitioners explored and interpreted such a notion in their works.

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